Fancy Nancy collections is a manufacturer of women's fashion accessories ,its located in Nigeria and owned by African Actress Chika Ike .Fancy Nancy is strategically situated to expand through its internet and boutique distribution throughout Africa. Fancy Nancy has a reputation for developing stylish, comfortable and fabulous fashion outfit and accessories such as Jewelries ,bags,shoes etc

Fancy Nancy is a life style brand which caters for fabulous girls, young ladies and women of different age range and social class.

Fancy Nancy values community, great design principles and sustainability.These great designs are the core values that drives a company that has come up in a community where everything is interconnected in a very visible way. Catering to community through design and sustainable business practices is what allows Fancy Nancy to embrace being a lifestyle brand which brings about fearless and fabulous designs that is about the lifestyle of a woman not trends. Fancy Nancy produces fashion accessories that responds to the marketplace, not media. Fancy Nancy - we speak fabulousity.


Chika ike production company is a modern and innovative production company that pride ourselves on producing the best

  • Africans films
  • Drama series
  • Reality tv shows
  • Documentaries and tv shows.

Chika Ike (Help A Child) foundation was founded by Nollywood Actress, UnAmbassador and Ceo Fancy Nancy collections CHIKA IKE. Chika Ike is a multiple award winning African Actress who started her career as a kid actor in her local church but officiallylaunched into the Nigerian Movie Industry in 2005, The African Actress has also won several awards ,recognitions and nominations for her works which includes 2 Nominations from the African Movie Academy Awards and Un Peace Ambassador for her humanitarian works. Chika is also an entrepreneur who opened an upscale fashion accessories store Fancy Nancy in Abuja. Chika is a house hold Name in Africa and very passionate about her foundations, Chika Intends to use her name as a tool to give back to the society through her foundation.


Chika Ike (Help A Child) Foundation is a non profit organization in Nigeria dedicated to enriching the lives of children and putting a smile on their faces.


To put a smile on the faces of children on the Street, restoring the pride and dignity of An African Child. Transforming kids on the streets into human Resources for National Development from grass root.


1. Building a hallmark for child leadership

2. Building a safe environment for the street children in Africa

3. Eliminating various Degrees of Abuse on the street Child

4. Aiding street children living with various physical and health challenges

5. Helping children stay off the streets through talent discovery

6. Educating ,showing love and counseling a street child

The African diva reality TV show is a reality, docu-drama that focuses on the search for the ideal African woman. Women from all over Africa will get a chance to compete for the African Diva title.

*The African diva reality Tv show is organised by Chika Ike production , a Nigeria based production company , which has done credible productions such as movie production ,documentaries and various film.

*The African diva reality show is the first of its kind in Africa. The show is focused on the search of the ideal modern African Woman ,promoting our rich African culture ,discovering and gearing young Women between the ages of 18 to 35 that want to make a career in the business and entertainment world. Acting is the Talent for the show.

* Our focus and primary aim is to give these young women a voice, resources ,encouragement and Orientation needed to face the world at large

What We Hope to Achieve

* To discover, promote and nurture the ideal modern African woman

* To change the perspective of the African woman, giving them a voice and the confidence needed to face the world at large.

* To Introduce and promote a whole new dimension to the social and tourism sectors of each African country.

* To celebrate our rich African culture, heritage and Pride.

*To provide a platform not only just to entertain the viewers but also to educate them about Africa at large.

* To uplift the emotional journey of young hopeful African women to become tomorrows role model.

*To provide cost saving opportunities for brands and advertiser on their advertising and branding by creating Visibility and awareness across Africa for their brand.